Welcome to WKBERG AppDev

We've done a lot and our hands haven't been resting all this time. So we've set up a new website. Created this page for our most loved creation: VatMap. VatMap has show to be more than we hoped for. We are delighted that we can build on this success!

Please follow us on our latest Quest to provide the VatSim® community with charts from all over the world.

VatMap fundamentals

  • Code

    VatMap is coded so it can calculate, plot and show you the data of all online VatSim® pilots and controllers in the current space and time.

  • Charts

    Charts are provided to you, so VatSim® is becoming your own Electronic Flight Bag. Unfortunately we do not have all the Charts yet, but more are being added in time!

  • Feedback

    VatMap relies on your feedback, reviews and experience. Good or bad (although we like the good ones the most).

Let's talk numbers

VatMap is growing because of you! Here are some numbers you helped us achieve:

  • 4.0.2 Version
  • 2000+ Charts for VatMap
  • 30000+ Users
  • 30000+ Devices
  • 4,5 Star rating

VatMap was born at version 1.0 but has grown to a full grown adult app at version 4.0.2. Passed it's puberty now, VatMap has become a stable and reliable app. Growing the user number to over 30000. In 2 words: Thank You. With a 4,5 star rating in the AppStore®, nothing is holding us back to build on this and make VatMap even better!


Help us get as many Charts as possible.
Let's provide a amazing solution for the entire world of on- and offline flight simulation.

Current available Charts:
  • Netherlands (EH##)
  • Germany (ED##)
  • KJFK
  • Canadian (C###)


We don't track you, but we use Google Ads to keep our service running.

  • No tracking from us.
  • No data in the app is linked to the Ads.
  • Only Ad tracking from Google Ads.
  • Just to keep our service and servers up and running.

Thank you!